An Admission

March 1, 2018

Folks, I have a problem.


There, I have wrote it down. An admission. To the world; or at least those that are good enough to offer up some of their time to read my ramblings. I have owned up; accepted responsibility; cried out for help.

I love food.


I sit here now, the little lad upstairs in the land of nod, wife out at a meeting and with a bowl of toffee popcorn ice-cream knowing that when Gemma comes home, there is a special treat that she bought earlier this evening of the creme egg variety waiting when she returns home. Simply put; I couldn't resist knowing that a fresh, untouched tub was just waiting for me to slide through with an ice-cream scoop not once, not twice, but three times. It felt good; it tasted even better.


I should ideally be well into a planned nutritional diet now with the ultra marathon in just under two weeks but I have slipped into routine of packing in the calories with a view to keeping a steady weight and ensuring replacement of calories from my increased exercise routine through too many snacks. Admittedly, taking full advantage of my calorie loss after running.


In truth, I don't really care. I kind of think that I should, but I don't. Eating what I want and when I want to is something that I consider to be an additional plus from exercising so much and I do take full advantage.

Why is this something that I consider important? Because running is, amongst a number of things, about balance. Sure, it develops determination, resilience, commitment, dedication, sacrifice, achievement (I could go on of course) but all of that has to balance with what I would consider to be a 'chosen' benefit.


It is important I think, if running gives so much yet takes so much too, that to balance that with abit of a guilty pleasure, so what? We work hard for it, so I say take advantage while you can! Tomorrow's run will even it all out!


Now, where's that second desert?!

*A Special Mention*

Over the last few weeks I have had some really positive feedback and messages from people who have been keeping up-to-date with my blog and social media posts, and in their words, have been inspired in one way or another to start or increase their exercise routines or sign upto events. This kind of feedback makes it all worthwhile. A special mention to the following people who have sent in some really positive messages; thank you all for your kind words:


Ben Brown

Paul Robinson

Andrew Barlow

David Hibbert

Stuart Steen

Adam Walker

Anthony Hilton

David Warrington


Also, to the 388 Twitter followers who are proving to be a really supportive online community; and a growing one at that! The more the better! You can find me @dads_running






























































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