March 22, 2018

Today has been a good day folks.


It is very rare that I get to spend a day midweek with Ethan. I was on daddy-day-care duty and took full advantage!


We ate breakfast together, watched some cartoons (only a couple, honest), played with Play-Doh, did some chalkboard drawing, played with Playmobil and had afew games of indoor tick-chase. All before lunch.


We then had an afternoon at a local trampoline park, did the family big shop, cleaned up and made dinner for when Gemma returned home from work. We then did some handwriting practice, welcomed Gemma home, ate dinner, played Supermarket bingo and watched Ben & Holly before the little man crashed out. I'm now sat; feet up, brew in hand, relaxing. Content. Happy. Fulfilled.


It is always worthwhile having a day like this to put the day-to-day stresses and challenges into perspective. All the difficult wake ups. All the hard-earned accomplishments at work that take up so much energy and commitment that would normally be reserved for your family. All the good and the not-so-good days. It all boils down to days like today.


Because to see the excitement of your child when entering a building full or trampolines; to hear your child laugh and look in amazement when you jump so high you are almost touching the ceiling (well, that's what it felt like!); to have your child cheer when you score 3 in a row on the basketball arcade game; to spend time making play-doh hearts for his mummy; to see the lightbulb moment when your child connects the pieces and learns a new skill; all of these happened today and put all the other stuff into perspective and make it all fade to the background whilst making it all necessary and worthwhile.


Today was a good day folks; we all need days like today sometimes. We all need a little perspective.
























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