Am I Mad?

March 28, 2018

I had an interesting chat today with some colleagues at work about running. I've written previously about how my routine of running before work can often lead to some people being impressed by my level of commitment and motivation and this was one of those conversations. With abit of a twist.


You see, a comparison was drawn between my own love of running and my colleagues love of my nemesis; D.I.Y.


Now, let me be clear here. Can I 'do' DIY? It isn't really a case of this. Most people would say no. Most people would say that I avoid DIY because I can't do it and that I have an extensive list of people that I know who can help with pretty much any kind of DIY task. I can obviously put up a picture frame, change a light bulb and I have lots of painting experience, but ask me if I would like to put up a flat-pack, drill or wallpaper and I will gladly ask for some help or pay whatever you tell me.


That doesn't, however, mean that I can't. That means that I don't want to. Two very different mindsets, that I also believe impact on other people's sense as to what their running potential is.


You see, possible disability aside, if you can put one foot in front of the other at a pace quicker than walking, you are onto a winner. If you can do that for 100 yards, and gradually increase the distance, you are running. Simple. It doesn't matter if your challenge is a 5km or 50mile. It's your own challenge and it's all relative. If you can, but don't, it isn't because you can't. The difference between this and my own not doing DIY is that if you don't, nobody else can for you.


I get absolutely no level of satisfaction from any element of DIY. I have done some big jobs in the past but I, admittedly, get frustrated, bored and believe my time can be better spent. Somebody else can do it for me. That doesn't take away the enjoyment and love that others feel and the sense of achievement; I understand that, I just don't feel it myself. But, ask me how I feel after a run and I am on top of the world. Every step is an achievement and is progress towards a goal.


Am I mad??


I guess what I am trying to say is that if you are one of those who doesn't believe that you can; you won't. But in most cases, possible disability aside, you can. You just don't. It comes down to priorities and a desire. That's fine; my wife, Gemma, would be the first to say that she doesn't enjoy running and so doesn't run. That's more than ok.

But if you are sat reading this thinking that you are one of those that can't run, that you're not a runner, that you could never run 5km; think about what it really is that's holding you back. Is the mindset that is telling you this, is in fact the only real barrier to overcome?


















































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