Guest Blog: Why Me?

April 24, 2018



Why me? I am the most average guy you know. I carry too much weight. I sometimes eat really bad and sleep is in short supply with a 3YO and a 1 YO boy, Oh and I have spent the last year renovating a house and I’m now a Director of a business I have part ownership in. 


Full of excuses right there. 


However. People often describe me as being driven, passionate and hard working. I apply that to all those thing above. That said it means that my running has to suffer. As much as I love it and the balance it gives me. The past few years I have had to forego any structure to my running and just run when I can. Running is so important to me and I have to keep plodding as it is a real mental release for me to de-stress from the day job. Now things are settling I have two challenges I want to take on. A marathon PB (beating 4:36) and a half marathon (1:49). 


For this I can’t go all out so soon. Marathons take a special kind of dedication and training. The half marathon though is a good challenge. It’s a distance that with good practice and commitment is really achievable. I might be looking at a 1:45 but most can accomplish a half marathon. I want to show running dads how you can fit half marathon training into a hectic life. I have had to adapt training so much now I’m a dad but it is for the better. The thing I love the most about being a running dad are buggy runs with the boys. Things I hate the most. 5am runs!!!  Either way. Both are always part of my plodding, I would love to do this with the expert guidance of Ash and the running dads team. I want to Share, meet and run with all the running dads out there. If I am lucky enough to get in, I will let you guys pick the race! 


So if you would. Vote for me, Let’s go take on a challenge together!


Thanks. @runner_jackson

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