The Struggle

May 3, 2018


 Well it’s been awhile folks hasn’t it? 

With my focus recently having been on putting together the website and one or two other matters, it’s good to take some time to put ‘pen to paper’ in its modern context. 

To be truthful; I’m struggling right now. Really, I am. 

I can’t; stop; eating!

Ever since training and completing the ultra last month, I’ve been working to rebuild a more normal training schedule and in-turn, rebuild my pacing. I enjoyed slowing right down and taking my time. It is something that I have not done before and it was refreshing. The thing is, I have always ran to pace. I have always set targets and a plan and as soon as the ultra was over and I was ready to start training again, I looked forward to resetting the imbalance.

That bit has been the easy part. Although I’m not at the pace I would have hoped for going into a sub-40 10km attempt at the weekend, it has felt good to push out after slowing right down. I’ve taken 11 mins off my pace over 10 miles and 15 mins or so over 6 miles. The legs have felt it, but it has been good to get back to what I consider to be normal.


What I have struggled with though, is realigning my diet to accommodate for the calories that I am not now shedding whilst pounding the pavement. Believe me; I am no different to anyone else. I have my own guilty pleasures and the main one is food. I love a binge and can shovel anything of a sweet-variety down my neck in no time at all.


However, retraining my brain to understand that the two deserts, extra breakfast portion and treats at the weekend can now longer be shed quite so easily when I have cut my weekly running to between 20–30 miles rather than 50+ has significantly challenged me.


I haven't yet made the pledge to cut back, but can feel it coming. It will certainly include some of Daz's Tasty Treats as featured on our website. I have been a follower of Daz on Twitter for some time and his creations looks delicious; i am delighted that he has agreed to host a page on our site and can't wait to give his recipes a try. 


For now though, the struggle is real! Of course, I get it. I understand it. But in the words of Mick Jagger, ‘old habits die hard’ and it really has been difficult to break my ultra training habits. 

Right now my focus is on the weekend’s race  at Tatton Park, and the upping the weekly distance for June’s Bolton Hill Marathon where I am aiming for sub 4 hours. This is 33 minutes slower than my marathon PB, but with the terrain and course layout, I think that it will be my most challenging marathon yet so I am aligning my targets accordingly. 

But for those out there who can relate; feel my pain right now as I tuck into a fly opened pack of Oreo's.

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