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The strangest thing happened to me as I read Christopher Macdougalls Born to Run. I found myself re-evaluating my running goals completely. All of a sudden the distances I’d been running became practically insignificant, yes, 1000 miles in 2018 remains the main goal this year and I’ve got some serious catchup following some injuries, but is still highly achievable.



What I mean is , 10km, 20km are both worthwhile, but I ran 20km on Wednesday and it was (relatively) easy. I already entered the London Marathon ballot for 2019, but at the time, for no other reason other than to say I’ve done it.


However, since completing Born to Run, I’ve been reading about trail running, 50km races, 100km races. How to train for them. And so on. There is an awful lot of advice out there for aspiring runners. Needless to say, I’ll be building up to the distance over quite a period!


So this week I’ve run 60km. Not too shabby, and certainly the most I’ve ever recorded. I learned 3 valuable lessons too.


1. Recovery time following longer runs is essential!

2. Hydration is key, and whilst I’m very good at starting a run hydrated, I need to take a drink and energy on the longer runs. (I need to educate myself about gels too I think!).

3. Its been a very warm, muggy week! It’s a rare thing in the UK to get more than a few days of sunshine, and running at 1pm on a Sunday in 80degrees Fahrenheit is not a great idea! I can see a few earlier wake ups this week and morning runs.



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