There is No Finish Line

June 12, 2018


There is no finish line. You may think there is, but trust me, it’s not there. You may indeed pass over a line in the road or under a gantry and stop running, but it isn’t a finish line. At any point during the race you think about that moment a lot and in my case really look forward to it all being over, but do any of us really plan on it being the finish?


Consider the process that got you to the start line in the first place. You probably completed some training or completed a previous race, but then thought I could do better if, I could enjoy it more if, I could be faster if, I could help someone else if etc etc. Get my point? There is no finish line. They are just waymarks.


It’s part of a greater journey and that journey for me is the nuts of this. I’ve been lucky to have participated in lots of running these past few years and yes there have been performances I am proud of, but it’s the path that got me to that finishing position or finishing time that made it special. Running has brought so many people into my life and without them very little of what I have “achieved” would have value. It’s a bit like a beautiful sunset or seeing your rock idol from the mosh pit. Nice yes, but amazing to turn and share it with a friend or partner. These are the memories that bond us all together and make us stronger for the experience.


I’ve had some pretty awful days out running and some pretty amazing ones too, and friends have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly side of me. You know what though? They never judge me and I never judge them. We all just feel like going for a run and that’s enough for me. Good on you. Have a great day. Hope you enjoy it. There are no finish lines.



Back to the nuts and bolts and it’s been 3 weeks now since the Brathay 10in10 kicked me out and back to reality, and to be honest the running has been flipping hard work since then. The first week back was about trying a couple of runs to check the collateral damage and to come up with a plan to fix it. As is usually the case with me, the plan tends to be “just run it off”, so the next two weeks have been about trying to get some back to back runs in and to complete some decent mileage. 40 miles for each of those weeks and today I took a deep breath and knocked out a punishing half marathon distance run. I know I have the endurance after a mammoth 337 mile month in May, but my word the technique and form seems to have wandered off. It will come back, but only through more hard work. You only get out what you put in, and whatever that is, it can always be better. There are no finish lines.


With one notable and terrifying exception, Day 10 at Brathay was the last race I had signed up for, as I’d half decided that enough was enough and I should close this chapter and find something else to do, but now it’s come down to it I don’t want the journey to end. There are no finish lines you know. I’ve set myself some challenges (I don’t like to call them goals) for the next few months and as is my wont, here they are.

  • Get back on the horse: Next week I’m tackling the IGUN Canal Canter over in Leeds to get back in the marathon groove. I’d like to think a sub-4 is a fair challenge.

  • Do something different. In a few weeks I’m going to have a go at one of those 10K things. Not sure what to do (it’s been a while), but I think sub-45 is a stiff challenge. I hate trying to run fast.

  • Do something scary. At the end of July I take on the Lakeland 50M up in the Lake District. I’m pooing myself about this one. I have no idea which place I was in last summer when I signed up for it, but it must have been a very rosy place. The challenge is to make it from Dalemain to Coniston without breaking myself and completely losing my s**t. More on this in later blogs.

  • Prove something to myself. I haven’t run a sub 3:30 for an awfully long time now (Leicester 2016) and I want to know I can still do it. After running York for the last 5 years I’ve plumped for Chester instead and this will be my “A” race for the Autumn.











On a last note for this blog, I closed my fundraising page for the 10in10 today and I’m so very grateful for all the support that has led to a marvellous £3,560 total. Humbling. I don’t know what the future will bring but it has been a crazy and rewarding adventure and I’m pleased you came along for the ride.


Congratulations for reaching the end of my blog. Thanks for reading it and please share to any likeminded souls you know. 



Twitter: @ontothenextrun



























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