Quinny's Physio Room - Stretching PT 2

June 17, 2018

 Static vs. dynamic


Following on from part 1, the topic for this blog is types of stretching, specifically static vs dynamic. People will often use both types of stretching to improve flexibility and mobility and to help prepare for and recover from exercise. So firstly, what’s the difference between the two, to some this may be obvious, but I will just clarify.


A static stretch is a deep or slow stretch involving a singular motion which is held in place for a period – usually 10 seconds or more.


A dynamic stretch is a series of motions that are executed repeatedly so that the stretch is felt with each motion.


I usually recommend that dynamic stretching is more appropriate as part of a warm up routine to prepare to run. This doesn’t mean static stretching can’t be used but it is unlikely to add value in terms of performance or injury prevention. If you do want to use static stretching prior to running, then following it with some dynamic stretching or running drills will ensure readiness to run.


Static stretching is valuable as part of regular routine if working on maintaining or improving range of movement over time (this can also be done with good strengthening exercises, more on that another time) and to assist in countering some of the effects of extended periods of prolonged sitting.


I have included a short video (view @ Quinny's Physio Room) to demonstrate a few dynamic warm up stretches that I regularly use. In the next blog I will go through some useful static stretches.


Many thanks for taking the time to read and watch. As always feedback and questions are welcome via twitter or email.


Twitter: @quinn_physio

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