Running Dads Case Study Week 1- 2

June 20, 2018

So running in week one started with great gusto and good intentions. The weeks plan was perfectly executed with and I even found the time to try a 1 Mile run at best pace! This lead to a 1 Mile PB of 6:38. This set the foundation of my fitness to see where this plan will take me! The week was good with a week at home and good weather to enjoy the running. I learnt how to do an economy run, however I think I might have been a little fast in this as my HR was high, I felt good though and in control so it was good. Then there was also an easy run with 4 x 20sec strides! I think I got them right but it was the first time I had ever done strides! I loved them! The short sharp burst of anaerobic speed. I think they were a little short but week 3 will really see me stretch them out!




Week two on the other hand was a mess! I was working away from home for a few days (you would think I would have chance to get quality runs in) however, I was in the middle of nowhere and was having to mingle with clients in the evenings and catch up with work early in the mornings. That said I was undeterred and headed to the hotel Gym. Same work outs as week one but with a little more intensity or distance on each run. Needless to say I got on the treadmill and got it woefully wrong. I couldn’t find an easy way to set a program up to do the types of run I wanted and when I did start it was all in km/per/hr.


At this point I wrote the run off and just turned it into a fartlek session. Still miles were done and the intensity (I hope) was there. The main thing was that any sort of “run” got done whilst I was away. Fast forward to the weekend and father’s day, I had a lot to cram in where I had a night out on Friday night, a full day with my two boysSaturday and Father’s day Sunday. I also needed to do a long slow easy run as well….Now 2 out of 3 is ok right! I ran long and I ran slow but it wasn’t easy. I took on a race that was long in the diary as a treat for father’s day. The Hampshire hoppit. A trail half marathon with 1000ft of elevation in it! This ticked off the long run and was a fantastic race I would recommend to anyone.




Now that is the long standing races out the way I go into weeks 3-4 of the plan all out and committed to the sessions planned by Ash @AW_runningFitness I can’t promise anything other than effort and if the effort isn’t there you need to kick my ass to keep me going. Stay tuned for the next update…………………OH are you wondering where the glue gun comes into it. That was my Father’s day gift! I asked Rufus (3) “How come you got daddy a glue gun?”


“so you can fix all our toys daddy!”


You cant beat that for a reason. I love the simplicity and honesty of kids.


Twitter: @runner_jackson

Instgarm: @runner2jackson



































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