Running Dads Case Study Weeks 3 - 5

July 13, 2018

So guys I have been a bit quiet over the last few weeks, there has been a heck of a lot going on. The plan has been good but keeping to the plan has been a struggle.


Demands of work have taken me away from home and having to run in hotel Gyms where I hate treadmills. I came down with a bit of the lurgy the middle of last week and then had a weekend away in Newcastle. On top of all of this I have also had some tests for some issues I have been having with my bladder. I hoping I am through the other side and hoping that we have got to the bottom of my persistent bladder problem!


I have still been running though. I had a great couple of tempo runs and my first run back this week was really tough, 5 miles at 7:45-8:15 mile pace I managed miles 1&2 had to rest at 3 but pushed again for miles 4&5. I still ran the miles and I am glad I did.


One of the main things I thought about on this run is the desire to give up and what pushes us on to make sure we don’t (give up) where I wanted to bail in the run at 2 miles It made me think about things, and the one phrase that kept coming into my mind is “don’t stop until your proud!” I found it a really great way to sum up how I feel I am gauging my running at the moment. It also ties in with what the team here at Running dads are doing, we run for our own self need and enjoyment but ultimately we are running to be proud and make our little ones proud of us. I hope you get what I mean with that.


Moving onto weeks 6-7 we hit some great sessions as detailed below and I would love to know what your stand out runs are in the plan for the next two week and why?




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