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Late last year, Nina and I bought a town house in Blaenau Ffestiniog. It is a beautiful old place, but needs a lot of love. I have realised that with work and running commitments, I am not finding enough time to restore the place.


So, from this week, I have moved to 3 day weeks at work. This means less money coming in, but hopefully the project will be finished sooner. Also, my parents have, very generously, taken our kids down to London this week. The idea being to

free up Nina to help me with lots of jobs and admin etc. I miss the kids, but not the way Nina does.


Her brain is full of logic, telling her everything is fine, the kids are having a great time, and it is good for us to get some time together. But the rest of her body is just a tidal wave of emotion. She has been having trouble sleeping, she has been feeling sick, nervous and shaky.


We go to parkrun together on Saturday. It is a beautiful sunny morning and we rarely get the opportunity to do this. Nina is physically in shape to run around 24min, but as she falls further and further behind, I realise the emotional torment has taken it’s toll. She would have done well to read the article I posted a few weeks ago on my blog here, about how mental fatigue can directly and severely affect endurance.


After parkrun, we go to the gym, where I have very different hurdles to overcome. I am going to attempt the Canova session again, after 2 aborted attempts. Nina is going to help me with the pacing on the treadmill, so I just need to focus on the running bit. This is a one-off opportunity for me. She has a clip board with all the split times written down, and has been well briefed on the session.


The treadmills are solid and well-built, but are controlled by touch screens, these have a massive flaw in that they can go haywire when sweat falls onto them. And when I am doing a big session like this, a lot of sweat is going to fall. Nina passes me a towel every rep to mitigate the sweat before it lands on the screen. She is adjusting the speed with dry hands. Just over halfway through, everything is going great, I realise I am going to finish the session. Nina wipes the sweat off the screen carefully, but accidentally knocks the key card inserted at the bottom. Treadmill stops immediately and starts resetting. Session is over.


I am very disappointed. I am angry with the stupid machine not being built for anyone to sweat! But I know I have to pick myself up quickly and move on. I’m coming into good shape, next time the session will go better (I keep saying that!).


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