Mid-Year Resolution

August 15, 2018

 It’s been awhile folks...infact it has been inexcusably too long. 


The summer weeks have seen me on holidays in London, America, France, the Lake District and Prague. For differing reasons and in different contexts; with family, volunteering and a stag do. It’s been an adventure that’s for sure! 


I’m not complaining about this at all. I’m incredibly lucky to be able to do these things. Gemma and I work hard to be able to do so and as a family we like to travel as much as we can in the summer. We always have and I hope always will. Ethan always seems to develop so much when we come home after experiencing different places and cultures and travelling is something that was important to Gemma and I before Ethan came along. 


After the busy weeks though, it’s time though now to settle into what I consider a normal routine as without doubt, with my travelling and a couple of niggling injuries, my running has suffered. Distances have been shorter; time and the regularity have lessened and my overall focus has shifted. I almost lost my mojo...almost. 


A solid week just gone has led me back to feeling more like myself. Lethargy has passed and my enjoyment whilst out has increased. My routine is so important to my day-to-day well-being that having had some time off, returning to normal has given me a boost and a zest for upcoming events at the Great North Run and the English Half Marathon in September and the Goodwood Festival in October.  






What I am keen to do though is keep a balance. My life pre-summer was becoming particularly busy with a change of job role at work, volunteering, Running Dads and weekend football all taking my time away from my family. The increased time with Ethan over the last few weeks have helped to refocus my attention and have made me come to the personal understanding that I need to scale back and not let ‘life’ take my focus away. My hobbies are time consuming and I need to align with my priorities much better. 


Of course, I knew this before. I always have. But it is easy to slip into the hectic lives we lead very quickly and although we are doing what we can to keep our family safe and well, we sometimes lose the sense that time slips by and once it’s gone it’s gone. 


So, at the end of the summer, I am making a ‘mid-year resolution.’ Realign my time and commitments and start focusing on the here and now. It's time to shed some summer weight (copious amounts of food and *ahem* drinks have not helped the waistline!) and get back to it!


We all love our family; they are so important to us. sometimes though we need to take stock and remind ourselves how important we are to them. 


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