That's It...I Give Up!

August 17, 2018

 I cannot explain the frustration to you and equally I sit here pondering how I write a blog that isn’t the typical “I’m Injured!” blog. But I am.


Don’t ask me how but over the last 4 weeks I have hurt my back and I am in the process of trying to get it fixed. That’s said I don’t want to focus just on that I want to talk to you about what I have been trying to do to try and keep ticking over.


So week 7 was good I had been running well and enjoying the training. I have to say all the way though the plan every  session has bee fun, challenging and has been easy to see the reason as to why I am doing the run. So I have to say a big thanks to Ash and AW running fitness for a great plan.


The training for the last 3 week block has been heat training with our weather and I have embraced it with a view that it will only make me stronger/quicker in cooler times (hopefully).


The end of week seven saw me got to a local Parkrun and I needed to do a tempo run. Sometimes things feel right and you decide to go for it. Today was one of them. I had felt like the training was good and wanted to push myself, I didn’t want to go too hard but wanted to see where I was at. It was good and did a 7:13, 7:35 and 7:36. It was also a Parkrun PB at 22:45 (although the course measured short, but I am told the course is right and there is a GPS blackspot!)


Week 8 was a normal running weeks I wont bore you with that one.


Week 9 is where the problems began, it was just a niggle in the back but it was also the start of two weeks off work with the children for the summer. The niggle in the back got a lot worse after a camping trip (in the garden) with our 3 year old. Now this niggle is enough to hurt but not enough to keep me immobile. I booked in with the Osteopath and they have been looking after me. I had some back manipulation treatment, which was fantastic but the side product is that it made me incredibly stiff and soar for a few days after. Running had been limited for the week and the back eased. I needed to keep moving and Parkrun soon came around again. The best kind of Parkrun for me as it was a buggy Parkrun and with a running buddy and their running buggy!  Slow and steady and the back felt good.


Week 10 making slow progress but not able to run to the plan. I managed 10 slow miles on Monday with some walking and running and then Tuesday I tried to test the back a little I did a 5km run seeing what the 7:00 min/mile pace felt like. There was a good mile and two indifferent miles with a lot of stops and walking so more of a fartlek run. I learnt a lot from the run and that I really need to focus on getting used to what the 7:min/Mile pace feels like. But what I can say slow progress is being made but I am not where I should be.


The next few weeks will be about finding my way back to full fitness and working out where to restart the plan from. Even indeed how or if to restart the plan. I don’t want to keep boring you with blog updates on the nearly ran sub 22min 5 km but equally I have been afforded this opportunity by running Dads and AW running fitness and I will do a sub 22min 5km justice.


Moving forward I have some plans for what I want to do next with some races booked in, however I need to balance getting the back right, doing a sub 22 and moving onto the next races.


Things WILL happen. Watch this space!


Twitter: @runner_jackson

Instagram: @runner_jackson

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