A Year of the Secret Marathon Runner


On the 31st August 2017, I filmed my first video as part of The Secret Marathon Journey. It was a pre-run video to announce my entry into the Carver Wolverhampton Marathon, which took place this weekend a year ago. It was very humorous as I goaded my friend with the news I’d catch him up on his Marathons!!


It took till New Year to setup more events, 6 Marathons for 2018, a fair leap on the 1-2 of a normal year, then I set-up this blog page and a Twitter account under @marathon_secret. Things escalated quickly!! I then had to develop a ‘look’ for The Secret Marathon Runner, as my Twitter didn’t have any images. The Marathon bookings went through the roof, as I befriended many experienced runners who recommended different events and running organisations… which led to a new goal of 12 Marathons in 2018! This has now moved onto a hoped for 14, it’s been truly amazing.



I honestly can’t believe the journey, I’ve befriended so many incredible runners, some very inspirational people, and the video diaries have been so much fun. I can’t wait to share them with you. This year, I’ve co-hosted a UKRunChat Hour on Twitter, Done a Podcast interview, Joined the Racecheck Visor Club and now I’m in the latest issue of Rundeep Magazine!! In a year, I’ve amassed 13 Marathons, and raised over £500 from complete strangers. I am hugely flattered, as I didn’t expect any fundraising until people knew who I was!! A huge thanks to everybody for putting their trust in a man with a Blue Mask. A few weeks ago, I received my 12 Marathons in 12 Months Running Top and Sizeable medal from Pheonix Running/Global Marathon Challenges too, which was a very special moment.





So, what’s next? The big task of 2 remaining Marathons first: New Forest Marathon and Richmond Runfest Marathon, then the epic job of finalising plans for The Big Reveal. Do come and support, a good friend is in for a surprise!!! And this is the whole point, I am not a natural runner, who is ha ha, and I am not fast. 2 Marathons a year is tough enough, it’s beyond my friends wildest hopes that I can manage 14 in 7 months. It’s been so much fun, and although a huge prank on a friend, I hope he can respect the work that’s gone in and also see the good this will do for Alzheimer’s Society. How will it all go? We will find out in December!!


Twitter: @marathon_secret

Blog: https://thesecretmarathonrunner.com/

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