Lumps & Bumps!!

September 4, 2018

So I officially announced last time I’ll be an Ironman one day! Hopefully September 2019 !! I had an operation (Gall Bladder removed) I’ve recovered pretty well. Learnt a few things about myself aswell.


Something I have to get used to is I can’t always be in control, Plan for the unexpected and sometimes even a false start. The worst part about an operation is that as soon as the Oxygen mask goes on and you start the countdown your no longer in control. Your life is the hands of the Surgeon who works for the NHS.


Before I know it I’m awake. It felt like only 2 mins but in reality it was an hour and half. I had this dangly tube still sticking out of my stomach and The anesthethetist said “it all went well, I just noticed a lump on your tonsil as I was putting your breathing tube in so I’ve referred you to ENT, Nothing to worry about I think it’s an infection” I thought nothing of it.


That Was Quick!


I went home the next day, The took the dangly tube out of my stomach (It was a drain) That tube went on and on and on and when they were pulling it out it seemed about 5m of tube.


I had a txt saying my appointment for ENT was 29th August – 9 Days away usually you wait months for this sort of thing. I arrived at the appointment and when I seen the consultant she took me through loads of questions stuck a camera up my nose, Examined my Throat, She said Wow ! You have big tonsils and yes I can see the lump the anesthethetist is referring too and you need your tonsils out ! As she proceeds to bring a red form out of her desk.


“I don’t think it’s Cancer, but I want to make sure” I think it’s scarring from infections you’ve had over the years BUT It’s better to be safe than sorry, You will treated as a cancer referral which will mean you will have another operation in about 2 weeks time”


I’m thinking in my head She said the C Word, She said the C Word, She said the C Word. I’m 31 !! No matter how much she can reassure me now she’s already said the C Word. 2 Weeks ??? That’s going to be touch and go for Mumbles,


Back To It!


I’ve bought a turbo trainer for the bike in the winter months and invested in some cheap cycling shoes and cleats. I’ve been on the bike twice just to get some fresh air it’s hard work being stuck at home for two weeks.


I tried the Severn Bridge Parkrun this morning, A straight out and back course with only 1 Corner – The turn for the home straight. A lovely down hill finish this could be good for some PBs I would recommend it there’s something of a statement running in two countries on 1 Parkrun 5k.













My legs were like Jelly and I had two little walks but not bad considering 10 days ago I had a major operation. Nothing hurt ! Against the better judgement, tomorrow is the Cardiff 10k, I’m going to plod round, There will be no PB and maybe quite a bit of walking. The Ironman training starts Monday ! I don’t really know how much of the Plan I will stick too in September with the new op looming but I’ll try my best.


Final Thank You Too...


The NHS an absolute saviour, If my throat turns out to be nothing I don’t care, It was an anesthethetist who referred me to ENT it’s not within his remit, The nurses who looked after me on the ward, The Doctor who took my stitches out who did say I have one of the deepest belly buttons she’s seen. I did reply know I just have a big Belly !!. The consultants in ENT and Surgeons in Day Surgey the NHS does have its glitches from time to time but it gets a lot of stick regularly and not enough praise, It’s been doing this for 70years something must be working !!


Twitter: @29stoneman


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