Reasons for Everything...Reasons to Run

September 8, 2018


So for those who know I've had many health issues over the last few years including skin cancer, anxiety, stress and depression.


I took myself away from social media earlier this year as things mounted up more and more including being tested for HIV, cancer and other things due to lesions and white patches on my tongue thankfully all came back clear and turns out i lock my jaw and grind my teeth when i sleep and now have to sleep with a specially made gumshield.


I have now found out i have cataracts and need surgery and at only 49 it’s a bit concerning but just another thing to add to the list. I am due at the Golden Jubilee Hospital in October for pre-assessment.


But I've thrown myself back into running and have returned to radio this is my way of coping add that with family and friend support all is good.


At this moment in time Kerry and i are sitting in Edinburgh Airport waiting to fly to Jersey for a few days away we deserve this rest we have been through much over the past few months and years but we get through it all.


They say everything happens for a reason….. I wonder what the reasons are for me.


Twitter: @CraigRoyston5


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