The Post with No Title

September 20, 2018

Literally I have no idea what to call this post, I don’t want it to be a quirky quote and equally I didn’t want it to be the same or similar as the last one. Fundamentally it is though I have gone from inured to ill! I can go through all the clichés but there is no need, over the last month a lot has happened and most importantly though, this plan has taught me a lot!


Lets start with getting back the plan, the training was good, the speed sessions where great and I was seeing the gains in speed again even though It was tough knocking off the rust! The plan had been delayed due to the back injury it left me with a trail HM coming up the first weekend of September so that was a tester for me. Well all I can say is I ran a 2:15 HM and for 2,500ft elevation (I think) it was a cracking time, beating similar efforts earlier in the year. I took a few days off an then went back to it. Problem was by the Friday I could feel the illness coming. Now nearly a week on I am wiped out from running with a terrible cough at the proof is in the Garmin as it is saying I am “detraining!”


At this point I have to evaluate my position. I am a Project Manager and every day I have to evaluate progress against time and cost (commitment) sadly for me I have some races I have booked into for October that I need to focus on, nothing serious but I want to get them right and feel comfortable running them. They are the Goodwood Festival of running and the Great South Run. After that there is a really big plan. That’s one that is under wraps and will stay under wraps until the race is done hopefully, simply as I don’t want the pressure.  


Now back the project element of this. Any good Project Manager knows that the projects needs to reconsidered if the goal is taking more effort/time that the original budget/plan allowed for. To this end I step aside. Graciously admit that the sub22min project is parked. I’m not going to lie, This makes me feel shit. I was lucky enough to win the opportunity though Running Dads and AW running fitness has supported me all the way, but sadly it was too much for me to take on. It frustrates me but being honest when it comes to life priorities running always comes last for me!


Notwithstanding this, the plan has still taught me a great deal, it has taught me to run faster and taught me I love track training. Proof there been positives but the ultimate goal was sadly not achieved. 


I am so grateful to the team here as I was the first one they offered the opportunity as such I want to keep it going, I want to #passiton. I would like to pay for the next training plan the team want to offer to one of the community for them to try the “Running dads PB challenge”. Watch this space for how it will work. The team just need to finalise the details.


As for my posts, there will be one more. The post where I tell you I went Sub22, it WILL happen but I think it will be part of a much bigger training block and what I don’t wan to do is keep you guys hanging on and getting bored of my posts. SO here is to the next chapter and thanks for following the story.


Instagram: @runner2jackson

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