Runningkids Series: #1

What I think about my Dad running and what it means to me by Brandon Street. Aged 9

With some help from my Dad Luke.


Luke: Hi, and thanks for stopping by Running Dads, I should start by introducing the two of us and giving you a little background about us. I have been running for about 11 months. I was inspired to start by my wife who has been running for three or four years. I have always considered myself to be someone of larger size and that exercise isn’t really my thing, at school I hated the idea of running around the outside of the rugby pitch and then the cricket field and hockey pitches and PE lessons were easily my least enjoyable experience of school.


I am acutely aware of my influence that I have as an adult and role model for Brandon, I am also reaching the stage of middle age where I don’t want to be out of breath just going up a flight of stairs so recognise that it may be time to do something to help me with that.


Brandon on the other hand started running by the age of 6. He started of by going to our local parkrun with his mum each saturday. With in the parkrun environment he has flourished without him realising what running has given him. He has gone from lacking confidence in himself to the child that will take on anything. There were many times over the years that he would hide behind legs, when seeing someone that we knew, when we were out and about to gaining so much confidence that he now regularly stands at the front of Junior parkrun to do the warm up before the start.


I sat down with Brandon to ask him a few questions about what he thought about running, what he thought when his Dad had told him he was starting to run and what running means to him, how it has helped him and what benefits he sees in running. This is the result. We hope you enjoy it.


Luke; So, Brandon can you start by telling us a few things about yourself?


Brandon; My name is Brandon Street, I’m 9 years old. I go to school at St Laurence. I love reading and my favorite food is cucumber.


Luke: Can you remember when I first went for a run?


Brandon: I think it was last year around December or November.


Luke: What did you think when I said I was going for a run?


Brandon: I was pretty surprised, I’ve got to admit.


Luke: Why was that?


Brandon: Because you had never done it before that was the main reason.


Luke: Did you think that I would be able to run?


Brandon: Okay, I thought you wouldn’t be able to do it at first but after you had been going quite a while I thought you would be okay. You had never done it before and I was going running with Mummy.


Luke: Now sometimes we go running together. Do you like that?


Brandon Yes and no. Mostly yes.


Luke: Why mostly yes, What do you like about running with me?


Brandon: So it means that I can go a lot faster than when I’m with Mummy. That's what covers the yes really.


Luke: So, what covers the no?


Brandon: Sometimes you go to fast and I find it difficult when you push me on.


Luke: Do I push you too much sometimes?


Brandon: Yes


Luke: Do you think that because I push you you have achieved that you thought you couldn’t?


Brandon Yes, I just thought that it would take a long time to get quicker because I can’t run on my own during parkrun because I’m not eleven, I thought it would be a long time to beat my pb. Now when I’m running with you I feel like I’m already eleven as I’m going so much faster.


Luke: So has me starting running helped you with your running do you think?


Brandon: Yes, you have help me achieve a lot of pb’s.


Luke: How does it feel when you beat a pb?


Brandon: It feels really good, but at the same time you do feel really tired.


Luke: Does the sense of achievement last longer than how tired you feel?


Brandon: Yes. (Long Pause) yes but only if you get like, so if you don’t get like, so say if like you got a pb for two weeks in a row, but you don’t get it for a third one then that’s just annoying.


Luke: Because you worked hard and not got the result you wanted?

Brandon: Yes because your so close


Luke: Is it all about getting pb’s running?


Brandon: No.


Luke: What else is it about then?


Brandon: It’s about getting out there,helping your body, keeping you healthy . Running to me just means that I can get out there more and see lots of different things.


Luke: Before I started running, what did we used to do together?


Brandon: We would go to the pub a lot, sometimes the cinema or a theme park.


Luke: Do we still do those sorts of things?


Brandon: Yes, but running has given us something else that we can do together. Like when we go to parkrun


Luke: Can you explain to me what parkrun is.


Brandon Well I’ve heard you say that when it was set up that is was for a race for the person that invented it, but now it's a big organised event with them all over the world


Luke: Which parkrun is our local one?


Brandon: Long Eaton


Luke: What does Long Eaton parkrun mean to you?


Brandon: It’s a very friendly place. We know lots of people now we have been going for a while. There’s people that are really fast and some that are a bit slow but everyone who goes is taking part in it and that is the best thing that people who want to get better can. I also like going for Hot Chocolate after and seeing people we know.


Luke: How many parkruns have you done altogether?


Brandon: I think I’ve done something like 103 adult ones, 90 to 100 junior ones and have volunteered over 50 times at least.


Luke: What ambitions do you have for you’re running?


Brandon: Well I like going fast, so I would like to parkrun in under 20 minutes eventually. I like running so I want it to be fun. I like it when I beat you at parkrun when you run with me.


Luke: What do you think running has done for you?


Brandon: It has helped me to go faster.


Luke: I think it has done lots more than just helped you to go faster. I think it has developed lots of skills for you that you probably don’t realise.


Brandon: Maybe.


Luke: I think that your far more confident than you were before. I’ve seen a softer side to you when I first started when you kept saying that it was okay to walk at parkrun and that nobody cared if you didn’t run it all.


Brandon: I suppose.


Luke: Is there anything at the moment that you can’t do but would like to be able to?


Brandon Yes, run on my own at parkrun..


Luke: What about things that you want to achieve in running?


Brandon: I want to run a half marathon, a full one and an ultra.


Luke: Why’s that?


Brandon: Because you are doing a half and after that you will do the others as well.


Luke: Is there anything else you would like to say about us running together?


Brandon: Yes, if you don’t get quicker when I do then you won’t be able to keep you with me!!! (Laughs)


And with that he’s gone.


Twitter @Luke_Street

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