Another running blog? Everyone these days seem to be both a runner and a blogger, I know… But before I start, I would like to let you know that this isn’t just a running blog. Yes, it will be heavily based on running and my experiences from ‘newbie runner’ to hopefully a marathoner! But I have so much to talk about and i’m hoping that you find it even a little bit interesting. I will start by telling you more about me.


Hello, I’m Paul, a 36 year old bloke living in Warrington. I am a single dad to two amazing children and for the past 10 years, or as long as I can remember, I have suffered from major depression, anxiety and have been very close to giving up…

I have been through it… Divorce, bankruptcy, health problems, family health problems, custody battles to name a few. I am not saying that my life has been worse than everyone else’s, or looking for sympathy, but I am using this as a way of showing people that although things can be bad, only you can do something about your situation and there is help out there if you really want it, if you know where to look and most importantly, if you talk about it! That last one is something I wish I had done so much sooner!


So here goes… After 10 years of what can only be described as being ‘hell’ and trying hard to show everyone I was strong and could deal with all myself, in November 2017 I finally broke. I broke down while working, it was embarrassing, tearful in front of management and colleagues and begging them for help, but I’m glad it happened because I would not have got the help I needed. I went home from work, broke down in front of my parents and that is when I was dragged to the doctors and my recovery began.


I won’t go into too much details right now but I went to a therapist and he changed my life. I learnt three things during those sessions which will stay with me for the rest of my life. 1. You are not responsible for anyone else’s happiness. 2. No one is responsible for your happiness but yourself. 3. Exercise is the best way to help combat depression.


I decided enough was enough, I was sick and tired of feeling, well… sick and tired! I wanted to do something I had never thought would be possible since my hip replacement and that was to become a runner! On January 1st 2018, I went for my first run. It wasn’t long, it wasn’t pretty, but it was the start and from that day I fell in love with running


10 months down down the line and I am happy to say that I have made some amazing friends who all have the same goals, I have completed six 10k races, two half marathons, the RUNR Miles for MIND 50 miles in May challenge and raised just over £900 for MIND Charity through my races.


So if after reading all of that you are still awake and interested in my story then I would love you to read my future blogs. If you are suffering from depression and need someone to talk to then message me, the most important thing is, talk to someone.


I’m excited about sharing my story, this blog is for me, it is my way of getting this out of my head and keeping me motivated but if it helps just one person then that is a bonus!


Blog: https://runhappydad.com/

Twitter: @runhappydad

Instagram: @runhappydad

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