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October 26, 2018

Well to pass the time a little en-route to our Autumn holiday (not a regular thing!) I thought what else to do…blog! A couple of beers in, plenty of play and puzzles with the little man who is now busy watching a couple of episode’s of Ben & Holly before landing, I have feeling of contentment and finally beginning to relax.


The last couple of months have been particularly challenging. Starting a new role in a period of difficulty in the sector I work has brought with it some particular life-balance issues. Add alongside my commitments in the voluntary sector, Running Dads and hobbies, and it feels like every day is a long one.


Late nights two/three times a week and full days out at the weekend have eaten into my family time, and whilst I maintain a desire to reclaim this, it has been hard over the last couple of months as I know that in the long run it will be worth it.


Coming on holiday is a perfect tonic. Tenerife for some last of the year sun before Autumn fades and Winter takes hold, with the little man and Gemma is something that we booked quite recently and has crept up on us in all the hustle and bustle. Before I knew it, after thinking that I had all the time in the world to get sorted, it was Thursday night and I hadn’t packed or washed the last of my holiday clothes and had work to finish off. It ended up being a late night where I logged off at 11.20pm and dozed off on the couch shortly after.


I woke this morning, lethargic and not ready to run. I even rolled over, changed my alarm and put my head back down. If it wasn’t for needing the toilet, which woke me up, I would have sacrificed the miles and felt the worse for it. As it happens, a 6 mile progression run was the perfect tonic and energised me for the day. The pace was a little slow, but the times upped with each mile and it was another indicator that my pacing is getting better bit-by-bit. I have, of course, brought plenty of running clothing with me and have my (smelly) trainers tied to my luggage in the hold. Fingers-crossed they make it!


If you are anything like me, it will take a couple of days to switch off from work and daily toil. It always does. But I am so looking forward to playing in the pool, enjoying the sun, food and a little bit of beer, and generally relaxing…as much as you can with a three year old.



We have earned a break; and I’ll be making the most of it.



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