Blog on a Plane PT 2

October 26, 2018

 Well…after much anticipation, and a little bit of last minute rushing, we came…we saw…we conquered…Tenerife, you were wonderful.


Leaving holidays have always been something of a struggle for me. I remember growing up, being in tears leaving holidays in Portugal, our yearly family destination, and Scotland where we would visit close family a couple of times a year. The anticipation goes on for weeks in advance, and it always seems like its over too quickly and straight back into normality. Oh, I am looking forward to my alarm at 5am on Monday for work!


This one has been a particular favourite. It always takes me afew days to unwind and to avoid the temptation of checking work emails. I know, I know; I shouldn’t. I have learnt to be much more disciplined now that we have Ethan. Ever since I starting working, checking emails at night, at weekends and during holidays never bothered me. In fact, I found a little bit of comfort knowing that I was on-top of things whilst lounging on a sunbed, as opposed to coming home to chaos.


In reality; it never is chaos. The place obviously continues without little old me and does just fine and when I return, it’s soon back to normal and the holiday blues gradually fade away. That being said, I have found it easier to unwind this time as we have gone away during the half-term break. At work, things ease off a little during this time and the emails are not quite as frequent or urgent so I have been pretty safe in the knowledge that the normal hustle and bustle is toned down abit, unlike normal, when we travel during term-time and it takes me longer to unwind and let what will be, be.


So, I feel refreshed and ready to hit the next few weeks and the build up to Christmas. Gemma knows alll too well that I like to have things to look forward to in the pipeline, especially when holidays come to an end. I like to take advantage of feeling refreshed; it’s almost like a new year. We have a weekend in Bristol planned in afew weeks and we have both already been looking at the plane magazine’s to get some inspiration for some sun next year. It won’t take long for us to commit to our next adventure.


Top of my agenda is to firm up some running plans in the next few weeks. We have a family trip to Bristol planned, and Gemma’s birthday which is always a good way to start the festive period. I don’t have any events planned until 2019 though. 2018 has been a big year in terms of events and the sacrifices made in terms of time and weekends travelling around and I couldn’t have done it without the support of Gemma and Ethan so, I’ll be looking into just local ones. I was keen to push for a final marathon of the year although it looks like I have left it a little late as due to clashes with our plans so it is looking like a couple of 10kms, maybe a half and a cheeky Santa Dash in the local park. That’ll be a fantastic end to an epic year.


That being said, 2019 is already shaping up to put 2018 in the shade with the London Marathon and Runningdadathon planned and Iron Kids for Ethan. I am already keeping tabs on a couple of other big events that I have come to be aware of from fellow Runningdads out there - watch this space!

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