Trials on the Trails

Since my last post I have been busy with family life and busy at work, so I haven’t had chance to sit down and reflect on the last 10 days or so of running. I have cut down on my mileage since the Yorkshire Marathon and will be easing it up over the next few weeks so that I am back in double figures for long runs in December.


The past 10 days has seen a return to the trails and off road running, not something I have taken part in over the last year, so on the morning of the 30/10/18 after a busy night shift working in the emergency pre-hospital care. I laced up my trail shoes and headed out for a run up over Hurstwood a reservoir on the hills and moors above Worsthorne and Burnley. It was an overcast day as I set out the ground was firm but sticky/boggy in places as I left the comfort of the car to head up the trail to the reservoir. There is a downhill mountain bike track that weaves through the woods and up to the reservoir that I thought would make a nice route up the reservoir,


 I looked round the car park and couldn’t see any signs of cyclists, no cars appeared to have bike racks on, so I left the tarmac road and set off up the undulating track. As I finally broke the cover of the trees and reached the side of the reservoir I set off for a lap around its perimeter, getting battered and buffered by the gusts as the perimeter wall of the reservoir gave way to a rocky beach/ small cliff face, once 3/4 round I followed the bridal path up to a cross roads and turned back. Now the descent from the reservoir to the car park along the mountain bike track was fast and tricky, I don’t remember having as much fun running for a long time. I reached the car and resolved to put more hours and miles into the trail.


Halloween rolled around and I headed for 5 miles up Pendle Hill a popular walk and running route about 20 minutes outside of Burnley by car, notorious for its dark history around witches. An hour after leaving the car I returned utterly spent, but enjoyed everything about the run, the short sharp climbs that turn into a slog, the long quad busting descents, almost rolling ankles, a fine balance between fun and fear.


It all makes you appreciate the skill of those that predominantly run the fells and trails, descending like mountain goats fearless at speeds most wouldn’t attempt, or if they did would end up tumbling down to a painful stop.

This week I have spent most of my time on the roads, reinvigorated and refreshed.


Whilst out running I tend to listen to podcasts, or audible books. A few I have enjoyed recently are the Rich Roll Podcast, Running commentary The Jocko Podcast, The British Ultra Running Podcast and the Ben Coomber Podcast.


Twitter: @ScottMckruns

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