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November 12, 2018

Posting for PB Posterity


Unfortunately, I can’t actually remember what getting a PB feels like – but over the forthcoming days, weeks and months, I’m eager to get re-acquainted with that feeling and I can hopefully look back on these modest figures and see just how far I’ve come. And maybe laugh at how fat I was.So for posterity, these are my current PB at the start of this blog …N.B. For some reason Strava doesn’t collate 5 mile stats but it’s a fairly popular distance and one i’ve done several times. So for the record, my 5m PB is 50:13.So, week one and my first official weigh in.


Here We Go


I’m sat in my kitchen writing this a few weeks after celebrating my 38th birthday, deeply unhappy with my weight and wanting to make the changes necessary to ensure I’ve not wasted £30 buying this domain name.


Since I decided to do a blog there’s been several false starts and a few broken promises, but that stops today and I AM going to get fit by 40. I’ve got a plan to ensure this happens and the numbers involved appeal to my methodical mind; I’ve got 100 weeks to lose 100lbs and subsequently reach my goal of sub 14 stones.


If you’re bad at maths, you can see my weight loss graph, which shows losing just 1lb a week will see me at my target weight by the time I’m 40 years old.


That should be easy, right? Watch this space.


Week 1 - One Chihuahua Lost


I stepped onto the scales this morning and was greeted with a 4lbs loss, which according to Google is roughly equivalent to the weight of an average chihuahua. Woof. I’m pretty happy with that and it’s good start. Check out my graph for this loss represented by a small red line. 


As part of my fitby40 target, I’ve started to adopt the principles of Slimming World and although I’m getting my head round it, it seems like it’s going to yield good results – if I can stick to it that is. Certainly, there are some amazing success stories and before and after pictures which provide decent motivation if nothing else. 


My running has taken a bit of a back seat in the last few weeks but I really enjoyed an autumnal 5k yesterday (see right) and it’s got me back in the mood, so much that I’ve booked a couple of races in and am re-doing the York Yuletide Trail race at the start of the December and have got myself down for the Sledmere Sunset Trail Run in summer which I wanted to do last year but it clashed with the World Cup and there’s no way I was missing that for anyone/thing.


Hopefully I can lose again next weigh in but I’m faced with challenges this week, namely; on the road with work (Wednesday) and the consumption of lots of beer (Saturday), where respectively, I’m usually tempted by a service station breakfast and a kebab at the end of the night.


Let’s see what happens …



Twitter: @lee_fitby40

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