Running Dads Case Study Update 1

November 12, 2018

 So a month after my initial case study introduction I can finally give an update! It’s been a very busy few weeks for me. 


First of all I had the pleasure of pacing the 1:55 group in the half marathon at Goodwood Running Festival. Secondly, I ran my first 50 mile ultra marathon. I took on the Thames Trot 50 and was ecstatic to finish in 10 hours and 6 mins. I won’t lie, it took a lot out of me. Lots of lessons learned that I can take into my next ultra challenge.


But that’s jumping the gun. My next challenge as I touched on in my original post is the run Disney Marathon in Florida. I have 10 weeks to get myself into a position to achieve a PB and hopefully a 3:30 finish.


After discussion with Ash at AW Running Fitness we agreed on a week by week plan rather than a big block plan so we can make adjustments where needed. My base fitness is fairly good at the moment but my pace not so much. I’ve definitely lost a few yards after a long summer of slow runs training for the Thames Trot.


It has to be said Ash has been brilliant. Understanding of my situation leading into this plan and very encouraging throughout. Even though I didn’t make a start on the plan until last Monday, he checked in on my progress for the ultra and sent me exercises to aid in my recovery. My first impressions of working with Ash are good and I’m feeling optimistic and confident he can guide me to where I need to be.


So my first weeks training on the plan has looked like this:


Monday - Assessment run


Assessment run for marathon plan - 10 minutes fully conversational, 10 minutes steady increase, 2 minutes walk and 1 mile full effort.


Tuesday - Run 2


AW Running Fitness - Marathon Plan Run 2


45 minutes - 5 minutes easy Jog followed by 40 minutes at a comfortable pace - Run by feel, not to look at watch splits.


Wednesday - Rest Day


Thursday - Cross Training


Consisted of 30 minutes on an exercise bike as well as weights and core work


Friday - Rest Day


Saturday - Run 3


5 mins walk, 90 minutes run at easy pace and 5 mins walk. 


Route was a mix of hilly trails and a small bit of roads. 


Sunday - Rest Day


Pleased with my first weeks work. Taking a week off after the ultra definitely benefited me. I felt good this week. Although most of the work was at a conservative pace I came through it feeling good. 


Ash has sent me the plan for week 2 and it includes 4 runs this week. Really looking forward to my next one tomorrow. 


Twitter: @DamoMarshall


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