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December 31, 2018

Hardmoors 26.2 Roseberry Topping Trail 10k


The Hardmoors races are truly unforgettable experiences. Tough but beautiful runs set in and around the North Yorkshire Moors.


The 26.2 series has 7 races and at each race there are 3 distances available. 10k, Half Marathon and Full Marathon. They also do Ultras which range from 15 miles up to 200 miles. These races have limited entries and sell out in minutes of release, they are that good.


My wife, Justine wanted to try a Hardmoors race after hearing me talk about doing the Hardmoors Roseberry Half last year.


Read about that experience here –https://runjustrun.wordpress.com/2017/12/13/hardmoors-well-they-got-the-name-right/


We tried to get into one of the other races in the series but either the dates weren’t good for us or we missed the entry time.

But we did manage to get entries into the Roseberry race. Justine fancied doing the 10k option just to see what the Hardmoors experience was like. I said I would join her.


Anthony at Running Dads and myself had been talking about me doing a Twitter Takeover on the Running Dads account for about 4 months.


But who are Running Dads I hear you say?!


A community of running-loving dads, promoting health, fitness and achievement to our children through our running exploits. 


Doing the Takeover involved me commenting through pictures and/or videos about my race day experience on the Running Dads Twitter account. It was a great opportunity for myself and one I had been wanting to try for a while.


Finding a race with good phone signal to do the Takeover was proving a problem. Half marathons at Vale of York, RAF Spadeadam and Kielder weren’t possible but Roseberry 10k was. I don’t know which I was more excited about, the run or the Takeover?!


As always I was up early on race day and posted my 1st entry for the Takeover, a video explaining the race and my expectations for the run.


The atmosphere at race registration was so relaxed and friendly which is great for settling any nerves. We met some friends, some were running, some volunteering at the race.



With a pre race photo taken and sent for the Takeover, we were ready to go. The aim for the race? Enjoyment. Steady run, not worried about time, take in the scenery and enjoy the experience.

The Marathon and Half Marathon runners had set off of their routes earlier but it was now our time to go. It was cold but sunny with barely any wind, ideal for a run on the moors. With over 1400 feet of elevation on the run, it was no surprise that we were straight on to an uphill section. Off the tarmac, over a stile and across a field, a comfortable start but that would change.


The first real climb was ahead of us and we heard there would be mud but looking up the Tees Link the race just got tough. Slipping and sliding our way up the hill through the trees we reached a gravel track. Giving me the opportunity for a quick Running Dads progress report.This gave us a quick rest bite before the next climb up a steep grass bank.



At the top and it was nice to be able to catch our breath on some flat. Through a kissing gate and out on to the open moorland. A good bit of running now, taking in the lovely scenery. Another Running Dads update to ask the question, why at 5k and technically the halfway point, are we still running away from the finish line?!


It was lovely to see the supportive and encouraging messages left on my Running Dad posts, shame I couldn’t reply as I had running to do! 


Reaching check point 2 and the only food/drink station on the 10k route. Manned by friendly volunteers cheering us on and offering water or coke plus Jaffa cakes and jelly babies. We remembered to bring our new soft reusable cups to use for the first time. The organisers had decided to help the environment by stopping offering disposable plastic cups.

Off running again and finally we turned and started to head back towards the finish.


More stunning moorland to enjoy but we were quickly heading back even though at 9k we still had 5k to go. Not sure how that works for a 10k race. Another Running Dads update to show off the views.



We arrived back at Highcliff Nab and quickly realised we were at the top of the slippery muddy grass path. But now we had to go down! Climbing and sliding down, grabbing at heather and grass to steady ourselves. We made it down without falling, just the steep mud Tees Link to go.


Again we made it down the mud bath without falling over.


A nice run back through the trees on a gravel track helped knock off the worse of the mud on the trainers. Just about 2k to go across fields and down the road back to the start area.


In the final 300 metres we saw Tasha, a fellow Orchard Eagles Running Club member, on the side of the road taking pictures and cheering us home.


Running into a building to the finish line is a bit different but that’s Hardmoors. Darren, another fellow running club member who was volunteering, shouted out our numbers as we entered the building so our finish time could be recorded as we reached the finish desk.


We had done it. Hardmoors Roseberry 10k finished.


Receiving our medals and the converted Hardmoors t-shirt we were congratulated by Tasha and a couple of friends who finished before us. A celebratory finish line picture and a final race update to Running Dads. 


As you can see the 10k we did was actually 9 miles! Hardmoors always gives you extra miles …. for free though.

We grabbed a cuppa to go as unfortunately we couldn’t stay to see others finishing as we had to go and collect our son from his Grandma and Grandad.


As we walked back to the car, I got the feel Justine loved the race as we recalled our favourite bits of the route.

Later on the afternoon I had time to sit down and go through all the social media comments and posts about the run.

It was nice to be able to finally reply to the lovely comments my posts received.


It was a great opportunity and an absolute pleasure to do the Twitter Takeover on the Running Dads account. Founder Anthony was very supportive and encouraging, making the process and experience straightforward and enjoyable.

If I get the opportunity to do it again I’d jump at the chance.


If you want to have a go, follow Running Dads on their social media accounts and drop Anthony a message.


Twitter – @dads_running

Instagram – @running__dads

Facebook – Running Dads

Website – www.runningdads.org


#runningsdads #inspiringourchildren




Blog: https://runjustrun.wordpress.com/

Twitter: @Run_Just_Run


Instagram: @Run.Just.Run

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