Life in 2018….Pretty Pish….Here’s to a better Year

So 2018 came and went and for pretty much of it, it was a shit year.


Starting off with a family member being very ill at the start and in hospital from New Years Eve until mid January, Kerry and I gave up our bedroom for them and basically nursed them until they were fit enough to go home until April. I had started a new job in November 2018 but come February I had to go back to my old job as the hours worked better for family life.

I myself had my own health issues again…(yes I know you’d think Cancer, Depression, Stress and a mental breakdown or 2 would have been enough the previous couple of years but noooooo life then decided to throw some absolute crackers at me.

I was referred to hospital from my dentist as I had white patches and lesions on my tongue and after many, many tests things like cancer were ruled out thankfully but then came a beauty…. Kerry and I attended one of my many many medical appointments in 2018 and on the latest discussion about my mouth and tongue we were surprised that Kerry was asked to leave the room by the consultant as he wanted a private chat….



What followed was a discussion that I might be HIV positive as the white patches and lesions were common with HIV sufferers, needless to say this was a very gobsmacking moment and when I was asked if I wanted Kerry to be told I said yes of course. When Kerry was informed she just said ” no chance don’t be daft” but for a split second I thought ” but what if” … I was asked if I wanted an HIV test which I took and thankfully all was clear.


After being referred to an oral medicine specialist it turned out I clench and grind my teeth when I sleep and that’s been the cause of the damage, I now have to sleep with a mouth guard in every night.


Fast forward a few months and I’m in an operating theatre getting a cataract removed in my right eye, I have been off work for nearly 4 weeks now, could not drive or run for a few weeks but all is back to normal-ish now. I will need reading glasses however so I’m joining the speccy dork club.


November saw our eldest daughter Robyn got a hip replacement, at 24 years of age she is very young but needed it so we have been looking after her too it has been so very hard for her. As well as all this the family member from before has been in and out of hospital, has had many G.P and hospital appointments and many other things which we have been helping with.


I am pretty sick and tired of seeing G.P and Hospital rooms and hope 2019 brings less of those visits for us all….don’t get me wrong our NHS Doctors, Nurses etc are awesome but I think we need some time apart.


So to the future I have signed up for a couple of Marathons and other races, Running is my escape from everything , it is what I do to try and clear my head from everything around me and a lot of the time it works. People think running is just for fit people and that it is only a way of staying fit/thin but it is so much more than that, I have found an amazing community out there full of people who will support and encourage you.and I would highly recommend it, just start small with the Parkrun on a Saturday morning it is a great way to get started.


However though 2018 had some highlights..Kerry done a Tri-Athlon, we ran a few races, got a few P.B’s too and Christmas and New Year were good…SO Here is to a healthy and Happy 2019 and beyond to anyone who reads this. 


Oh and this year I am 50…..Who’d a thunk it.


Twitter: @Radiobasher1969




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