Road to Paris #1 (T minus 96 days)

 It’s my first training update since starting the blog and the sad fact is I don’t really have much to update. The baby has a virus which means he isn’t sleeping which means he’s been in our bed all week which means I now have a virus. When you add that into the chaos brought about by the holiday period and I actually haven’t done much running in the last fortnight.


I am trying really hard not to get too down about this and give my body some time to reset and recover. Every run missed from the training schedule gives you that feeling of dread at the pit of the stomach and Social Media does nothing to help. I got some really encouraging advice from a new Twitter friend who told me not to worry about missed runs and to stop trying to ‘chase your plan’. If you miss a run, you miss it, move on to the next one and nail that – it all comes out in the wash. Of course I then saw a thread of tweets from a lady claiming anyone who runs less than 4 times a week in training has no business running a marathon. I think I should put my phone down.


Let’s focus on the positives instead. I am up to 13 miles on my Sunday long run (half-way to immortality) and felt pretty comfortable when I did it on New Year’s Eve. I am aiming to get out this Sunday and covering 14 big ones before getting back into my training plan properly next week. Fingers crossed I can get out tomorrow as well for a nice easy 6 miles to ease the legs back into it.


Other big update this week is that I have caved and bought some Aftershokz. I didn’t run with music for all of 2018 after religiously doing so in previous years. I really enjoyed racing with naked ears if I am honest, it’s a completely different experience and do empathise fully with the stance that having music on at a race takes something away from day. I don’t plan on changing this and will be running at Paris au naturel, but I’m going to be honest with you, long runs are boring.


I am lucky enough to have the Trans-Pennine trail on my doorstep so my Sunday’s consist of an ever increasing out-and-back which can be a massive drain on the motivation a times. I also run alone and there’s only so long I want to be at one with my own thoughts. Podcasts and comedy shows on Spotify will be my relief; I will keep you updated on whether it makes a difference.


United are playing Spurs on Sunday and Alex’s football season is starting back up; also my Dad is over from France for a belated Christmas visit. It should be a busy one. Here’s to getting back into the swing of it and finally cracking the running in 2019 thing.


My week ahead – 

Thursday – 6 miles (easy)

Friday – Core Strength and Legs

Saturday – Rest 

Sunday – 14 miles (easy)

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – 6 miles (hills)

Wednesday – 7 miles (easy)


Twitter: @robhitchmough



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