Running Dads Case Study Update 2


So my latest update is coming to you while I’m sat on the plane to Florida! It’s the first chance I’ve had 5 minutes to put some thoughts together on how my training has been. What a manic Christmas period it really has been!

Before I do that I just want to take the opportunity to say thank you to Ash at AW Run Fitness for his time and effort spent sending me weekly training schedules. They really have helped me prepare for this marathon over what has been a very busy time of the year. Although my contact with Ash has only ever been over social media or email I feel like I have had great support and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to other runners for a dedicated plan. 

So on to training.... what can I say.... it’s been interesting! Truly and honestly it’s been very difficult for a number of reasons. Juggling work, parenthood and marriage along with training, injury, illness and a horrendously busy Christmas period has been beyond a challenge. Some weeks went exceptionally well and others didn’t but given all the circumstances and challenges I feel as well prepared for an event as I ever have.

Firstly because this year I have done a fair few events now and I able to draw from my only experiences. Secondly because I opened myself up to following advice and guidance - something I’ve never really been too good at to be honest. However, I’m very glad that I did.

Following a marathon plan opened my eyes to a number of different things. I’ve done progression runs, threshold runs, economy runs, long runs, interval runs and a whole host of other runs I’ve heard of but never really understood.

Ash’s plan gave me clear guidance and an understanding of what each run entails. I reacted well to the structure of it all. Although I couldn’t complete every single run, I made sure I was getting out of each run that I did go on what I should be - the variety felt good.

Whether I am ready to run a 3:30 marathon yet I’m not sure. I know I have it in me but I don’t know if I’m quite ready for it yet. It’s not to say I’m doubting myself but it’s been a very busy period and I know I have 5 days of walking around disneyworld before I take on the marathon so it’s not exactly a perfect formula for a pre-marathon taper! That’s not to say I’m not going to give it everything though. I feel fit and my mind is ready. All I can do is cross my fingers and hope my body plays ball on the day.

I also need to make sure I stay disciplined and try and fuel correctly this week and not get lured in to too much American food. I have two weeks here so there’s plenty time for that after the marathon!

Full marathon report to follow.


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