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Well....I'm not sure where to start or what to say. I totally blame my husband for this. He tries to come up with all these good ideas. But how many of them actually are? 


So, I'm Kirsty and though i would have never thought it i guess you can call me a runner. Totally inspired by my husband (actually one of his good ideas!) I began running just under a year ago.


After having 2 children; the 2nd only being couple of months old I felt I needed to get my fitness back on track. I've always had a passion for sports and loved playing netball and to be honest was reasonably fit. But after 2 children my body had completely changed; i was at my heaviest and my fitness was the worst its been. I felt like i needed to make a change, try improve my fitness and try and get my body back to where it was or maybe even better than it was before. 


We all know that life can be non stop and with 2 young children finding the time to go the gym, swimming or a fitness class sometimes is just impossible. Whether it was my little boy pulling at my legs telling me not to go out or whether it was my little girl screaming the house down needing a bottle or just the lack of sleep and energy which meant i found myself just wanting my bed at 8pm. I needed to find something that would suit me and my family. And so, this is where i found my love for running. Well when i say i found my love for running, i didn't find it straight away because when i couldn't even run half a mile without stopping many times i asked myself what the hell i was doing?


Running was ideal and I really liked the idea i could be ready in 10 minutes and be out the door for a quick run. I knew it didn't matter what time of the day it was but when it suited me (and the family of course) i could run through that door and down the road. So it didn't matter if i found myself waiting for the youngest to finish her bottle or to have a nap. It gave me the confidence to go when i wanted. I literally set out each time to run a mile and though it took me awhile to achieve it without stopping. It was a big milestone for me. And this is when i started to find a love for running. The sense of excitement when you get home to see your Strava, thinking was it PB? Did i beat a segment time? And don't get me wrong many days the answer was No, but to see how far id come; my pace and my time was enough still to make me smile and want to go out again to beat it. 


The only downside to running was i wanted the gear. I wanted running trainers, i wanted some "cool" leggings and i wanted a new fitbit. Of course this is when your husband with all the good ideas comes in handy and helps you out. Thanks Steve! 


So here's me running a mile non stop and kitted out with new running trainers, new running clothes and my fitbit. Whats next? To achieve 2 miles? To achieve 5k? The goal posts keep moving! In 3 months i hit my 5k! 5K with 9 stops and a PB of 36:53. At the time i was so pleased with myself. I didn't care how many times i stopped ..who knows anyway? But the fact id done 5k was amazing! But when i sat there reflecting that evening once again i moved the goal post and knew i wanted more. I wanted to run 5k without stopping. I worked hard, running 2 to 3 times a week. Some runs i enjoyed, some runs i could cry and some runs i questioned why am i doing this? But i kept going, i kept working hard and kept telling myself there's no such thing as a bad run because after all i got off the sofa and got myself out there. 


Fast forward to Nov... 5K! ...WITHOUT STOPPING! OMG.. What a feeling. i was buzzing and wanted more. But one thing that hit me... id hit 5k once why shouldn't i hit it again and again? But how wrong was i? There were many days to follow where i struggled to even just hit 2 miles. Some days i got frustrated, some days i kept asking myself why i was struggling? Why wouldn't my legs run 5k again when they have before? Why is my chest hurting today but didn't the day before?


I soon realised and learnt that so many different things can influence your run from what i ate that day, how much i drank and for me what time of day i was running and how i just felt in general. The weather also had impact, as though i haven't mentioned it yet i do suffer from asthma and found the really cold weather really did impact my chest and my breathing. And this was one of my biggest challenges to remain positive and keep fighting each time i went out. To know that going out i may not hit 5K again but to know that I've got out and tried meant more. Accepting this was massive for me and i found myself setting out each time to run 2 miles and if i felt good i tried 5K. No pressure, just enjoy it. I then started challenging my PBS for 2 miles getting quicker and quicker each time. And then started challenging my 5K PB. Including completing my first ever Park Run! 

With Christmas around the corner top of my list was of course Garmin Vivoactive. And with a new watch came new PBs. Then this month; my biggest surprise of all came when i achieved a massive PB of 30 mins 15 secs. This meant a lot to me simply because i knew id come such a long way. Am i happy? Amazed! Totally Happy! But do i want more? Sure! Next target: 5K Under 30 minutes! and my first 5K race at Oulton Next Month.


Twitter: @EasierRun


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