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Hello, my names Steve and I class myself as a runner. I started this blog along with my wife Kirsty, who guessed it...also a runner.


This is my first post on here, so if you found this blog, firstly, well done!


Secondly, thank you and I hope it is of some use and you enjoy the content going forward.

I want to use this first post by me to give the two people reading this (thanks mum and dad!!!) a bit of an introduction to me and my running story so far.


I started 'running' in late 2016 as part of my regime to try and lose weight and get fitter. My son was around 18 months old at the time, and as a dad I wanted to keep up and not be that dad that said no because I couldn't keep up or physically do it.


I was down to about 16.5 stone at this point, having been as high as 18 stone, but a change in diet allowed me to start the weight loss with little exercise.


I had played football throughout my teenage years and continued to play once a week with a group of friends. I could just about stand at centre back and kick people when I was at my biggest. 


So, I started my mission of trying to lighten the load and keep up with my little boy who had just learnt to walk. I cut the first stone and a half easy in double quick time just from changing my diet and cutting out all the rubbish, drinking more water etc.


The next phase I wanted to add some extra exercise to my football. I had never been able to run a mile without stopping due to being so big and my asthma also played a part. That was my first run a mile, in any time, but without stopping.


I had bought myself a fitbit (other good fitness trackers are available) and was lucky enough to have a best mate willing to help me along the way. With him supporting me on some very slow runs until I got to that all important mile mark with no stops, no inhalers, nothing...aside from good old fashioned sweat.


This probably took me approx 6-8 weeks, starting with 1 run a week and building up to more, whilst at the same time controlling my diet, meeting my daily step target of 8000 steps (whilst sat at a desk all day is hard), and even introducing the odd beginners Joe Wickes HIIT session with my wife.


By this point I was probably down to around the 15 stone mark, running a mile non stop once a week, still eating well and starting to feel the improvement in general fitness. I was using less blue inhaler etc, not out of breathe on stairs or when bending over to tie my laces.


I could have easily lost the hunger now I had realised my goal. However, I decided to set myself a new target of 2 miles non stop. I was now confident enough to go out without my best mate and to actually run on my own at times and was slowly getting quicker too.


After a few months of running 1-2 times a week, still playing football once a week, allbeit covering much more ground and enjoying it much more now I could actually move, plus continuing to eat well...I reached this next goal and couldn't be happier!


It was around this time I started to really consider myself a runner.


Next target...operation parkrun.


Fast forward a few more months me, and the same friend that had put up with me running 14/15 minute miles with plenty of breaks, turned up one cold Saturday morning, barcodes in hand, ready to tackle our first parkrun.


We ran it together all the way round and managed to finish it with no stops, and to my delight it was also under 30 minutes.


I was now weighing around 11.5 stone, enjoying running 1-3 times a week, depending on work/home life, running parkrun 1-2 times a month and more importantly than any of that...I had become a father for the second time.


In this time frame of around 18-24 months I had achieved some unbelievable targets, that, until writing them down for this blog, I guess had never sunk in.


1) Managed to run my first mile with no stops.

2) Managed to run my first two miles with no stops.

3) Managed to run my first 5k with no stops.

4) Managed to run my first 10k mud run (that's for another post).

5) Became a father for a second time.

6) My 2nd proudest achievement after number 5 is dropping my weight from 18 stone dead, all the way down to 10.5 stone. (This cost a fortune in clothes!!!!)


My weight never really bothered me, nor did my image. I am a fairly confident person and I guessed I always put on a brave face and banked that confidence would see me through.

However, with running comes weight loss. It is inevitable, so long as you are sensible with your diet. Any health issues I had also improved greatly from the benefits of losing weight and running. My skin, asthma, headaches, knee pain, all improved dramatically.


So that is really my running journey so far. In this blog going forward both myself and Kirsty will try to post regularly on all things running. Hopefully different experiences, tips, issues, races, equipment etc.


It is all a bit of fun and if we can inspire even 1 more person to run or just get fitter then great.

Please don't take anything too serious and lets see where this goes.


Twitter: @EasierRun


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