Running Dads Case Study - Vaughan Armstrong

 Hello to you all, I hope that you are well while you start to read this. Probably just finished a good run and having a little down & recovery time….With some quality food & drink.


Well here I am – “The Case study” – as I start to write this I’m starting to wonder what it will entail.


Will I be a let-down? Will it be a good quality study that others can relate to? Can I inspire others to be active with their Children?




I am Vaughan Armstrong – Known as Frank (It’s a long story so here…No I won’t). I am 51 years old and live in a small country village near Shaftesbury in North Dorset.


As like some of you, I played Football from School age up until early 30’s. I also played golf and cycled to the shops. Preseason football training of running around the pitch, on beaches and doing hill repeats were dreaded and were the last thing we wanted to do.


This all changed when own daughter was born, she had a terrible birth that I would not wish on anyone else, football started to take a back seat and we just concentrated on her.


I took up spinning and the instructor talked me into completing a 10k run, I was hooked… How could I add value to my running experience and be able to complete some more 10K’s...I know do it for Charity!!!!


Then in 2003 I completed my 1st Great North Run to raise money for the 2 Special Baby Care Units that saved our Daughters life. While running the race I was in tears at every mile marker just thinking about why I was completing this… The Finish line was so emotional and I had never experienced anything like it. Not only had I completed my 1st Half Marathon but the reason I did it.


Now 16 years later, 15 GNR completed for different Charities from Children hospitals / Children’s Epilepsy / Diabetes / Bobby Moore Fund and numerous other half Marathons and 10k’s plus 1 South Downs way Marathon. I am the case study. 

How do I keep myself injury free at 51 years old and able to continue my love and passion for running? At the same time as encouraging my 2 children in a values lead way that it’s great to do exercise…???


This year I will log my progress and write down as much detail as possible and share it with you….


I hope it’s a good read.

Twitter: @vaughan118

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