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Hello to you all, hope you are all completing successful activities whatever it is. Hopefully no injuries!! If so how do you cope?? – We all develop numerous ways of helping & supporting ourselves through these times.


Last year I was having a very successful start to my running year, I was Recci running the South West Coast path with a friend as I am planning a Charity event this year. Out in windy January and rainy February on a slippery & Muddy coast path. It was great.



While on Holiday in June I sustained a left calf injury that hampered the rest of the year. Nightmare!!!!!! – What will I do? Will I ever Recover Properly? How will I get over this? How long will it take? How much will it cost for expert advice?


All the same questions you ask yourself, well since October of last year, I have been on the road to recovery. The new aim is to prevent injuries like that again.


I am lucky enough to be able to visit Angela Parsons Massage Therapy who practices nearby. I had a good body MOT with her and she managed to help & support me through the Great North Run in Sept. It was my 15th time I have completed it and I just needed to get through to the finish.


I had another session with Angela, 2 weeks after the GNR and she gave me some bespoke exercises and body training that would help me recover. She found I had tight Hip Flexors.


This is where you must be dedicated, it’s easy to just forget or only do 5 minutes when you really know it should be 20mins. Through these times you have mind talk – Will I ever get back to “Normal”?


It worked for me – Keep the faith.


As we get older its times where you must adjust to the new position you are in, I was very determined to ensure I followed the plan as closely as possible.


The start of 2019 was a “New Start” I started back jogging for 20mins at a time, when I took the dog for a walk, but I ensured I warmed up correctly (As per the Plan) and only ran off road so it was a little softer. Followed the plan to stretch and cool down afterwards. I would encourage my 12 year old son to accompany me for support as well. Although he would go off and leave me behind…..


I started to look at the finer points. What else could aid my plan to prevent further injuries, what supplements could I use, we all take what we think is good for us, but could I find anything that would help me with that extra 10-20%. I am now also taking Organic Turmeric Curcumin & Organic Black Pepper tablets. They were recommended to me to prevent sore joints and aid flexibility. They seem to have helped & supported. Or are they? It might be my new stretching regime.


Now that I am back up to 8 miles off road running, with my son alongside me, on his Mountain bike. I am finding that all those days of stretching, massage therapy, just walking, sitting correctly while driving are starting to pay off.


I have also found a new liking to the Fuel10k products. Porridge pots and Protein cookies are my favourite. Looking for that extra 10-20% that could help me boast my aid to achieving my goals.

My running plan now involves more cross training, I am also doing Hatha Flow Yoga, might only be 3 sessions a month but at 1.5hrs at a time it has really helped. I practice at home with the same stretches every other night. My 12 yo son & 16 yo daughter have a good laugh but join in as well. We can make it a good family session for 20 mins. I have also ensured that as I drive a lot for work, I make planned stops to get out and stretch and walk around.


This has again really helped. Plan it and Do it, we are always trying to get everywhere too fast.


Think long term, it will help enormously in the future.


This weekend is another challenge to see how my recovery plan is working. I am taking part in the Lulworth Cove Coastal half on Saturday, in Dorset.


I will proudly be wearing my “Running Dads” shirt…


I will have an update and more on my new plan, next month.


Take Care all, enjoy what you do –





Twitter: @vaughan118


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