Q & A with a Running Dad #1

April 21, 2019

As part of our ongoing efforts to provide support, advice and support to runners, the latest feature on the Running Dads is a Q & A with members of our community. We can always learn and gain some added motivation and inspiration from those just like us trying to keep active in the business of dad-life.


First up; Peter Moralee.



1. Tell me a little about yourself.

I’m 43. Been married 20 years this year to Justine. Went through 4 years of IVF to get our now 9 year old son, Finlay. Used to be a landscape gardener but now a school caretaker.


2. Why do you run?

I run because I can! I started back running after knee surgery to get fit again. It also helps my mental health. After the knee injury, the loss of my business and the sudden death of my best friend, I suffered spells of depression. I also hope that seeing me running and achieving my goals will inspire my son with his running, fitness and motivate him to achieve his goals and aspirations not only in running but in whatever he does.


3. What are your PB’s?

5k - 22:48 10k - 49:47 Half - 1:57:42 Full - maybe one day.


4. What are you aiming for?

In 2017 I aimed for PBs/times. In 2018 it was all about distance targets. So in 2019 I want to focus on just enjoying my running and along the way, help others with their goals.


5. What is your most important running achievement?

Returning to running. When I had my knee surgery back in 2011, my surgeon said I wouldn’t be able to run long distances again. After feeling sorry for myself for a few years and going through spells of depression, I decided I needed to get fit, physically and mentally. After building up my fitness and distance, I signed up to do the 2017 Great North Run, my last long race before the surgery. It was an emotional day/race but I did it. I proved them wrong.


6. Which race has been your favourite and why?

Really enjoyed running with my wife Justine at the Vale of York Half last September. It was her 1st half marathon and the longest distance she had run. It was also a nice flat course and not too crowded.


7. What race do you regret and why?

Try not to have regrets but to learn from mistakes and the Temple Newsam 10 in January 2018 was one of those. Hadn’t eaten and slept properly the week before the race and had an incident mid race, like having a stroke. Somehow I finished the race. The following morning the same thing happened and I ended up been taken to the Stroke Ward. Turns out I was suffering with hypoglycaemia, which can look similar to having a stroke. I certainly learnt a lesson.


8. What race would you like to run and why?

Don’t have a bucket list of races but would love to do a race abroad. Plan to do one in 2020.


9. Tell me about how you prepare for a race on the morning of the event.

Wake up at stupid o’clock as normal. Cuppa tea. Breakfast, normally porridge with another cuppa tea. A nice long shower, I love a shower. Check my kit....again! Having got it ready the night before and checking it about 10 times. Maybe 20 times. I like to give myself plenty of time to get to the start area, well there is meet ups to do! Oh and another toilet to find.


10. Tell me about how you relax post-race.

Normally a pint and some food at the nearest pub. Get home and have a long shower, I’ve already said I love a long shower. Got a new hot tub now so it’s becoming a new post race treat, along with a glass of wine or prosecco.


11. What three pieces of advice would you give to fellow runners? (New and seasoned)

1-Make sure you look after your feet! Get the right trainers that fit and not just because they look good or are the latest must haves. 2-Make sure you fuel and refuel properly. 3-Run with a smile. We run because we enjoy it so show it.


12. What is your preferred running route? Path, trail, fell etc?

I do love running off road but prefer road, as long as it’s scenic.


13. What is your favourite running brand and why?

Don’t really have a favourite brand. But I do like my current Mizuno trainers, which were also my last trainers and also got another pair waiting in the wardrobe.


14. Who is your all-time sporting hero?

Seve Ballesteros. I used to be a decent golfer when I was younger and Seve was a great inspiration. He did things the way he wanted, strived to always improve and loved to help others achieve their goals. He did this all with charm and a smile on his face.


15. Who is your all-time running hero?

I do admire professional athletes, their commitment and their achievements. But after hearing about Ben 401 Challenge Smith and following his running Challenge/journey, I got the opportunity to go to a Q&A with him. It was great to meet Ben and hear his story. His story was emotional, his achievements phenomenal but he is so humble. I met Ben again a few months later at the Durham 10k and it was great to chat and find out what he was planning next.


16. Being part of the Running Dads community, what has this done to inspire and motivate you? 

Reading others dads’ life and running journeys has been great. Knowing that others have gone through similar experiences to yourself and are willing to talk about them is very humbling and motivational. Knowing that other dads are also striving to better themselves to be a good role models for their children and are keen to support and encourage their children with every aspect of their development makes you realise that you are doing things right and that it is helping others too.




You can follow Peter on Twitter @Run_Just_Run and on Instagram @Run.Just.Run

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