Runstreak Day 1001 and it’s goodnight from him

 I didn’t go for a run on Friday. So what I hear you think. Well it was quite a big deal for me as I have been running every day continuously for the past 1,001 days and my run streak adventure now is officially over. I certainly don’t want your sympathy or your admiration for that matter (OK, just a little bit). I did this for me but if you have ever wondered why somebody would undertake a Runstreak and is it worth it then please read on.




Why stop then ? No tears or sulks from me, no life threatening injuries or illnesses just a big smile on my face as I finished on Thursday evening running around Keith Hall in Inverurie with my daughter Samantha. 


My Runstreak, my rules.



I wrote my first Blog in this series when I achieved a 500 day Runstreak (thoroughly recommended) and so much of that Blog still resonates with me. The reasons why I run, the progress and the PB’s and the ongoing health benefits but in the end there were a couple of reasons why I stopped.  


Firstly I had begun to question my “why ?”. I had achieved all the things that prompted me to begin the Runstreak. I was a better and faster runner and I had achieved PB`s from Parkrun to Marathons to prove it, oh yeah!! My weight had come down and was stabIe at around 13 stone with a couple of optional abs still showing on occasion, ha ha! I had proved to myself that I could commit to something on a daily basis for a 1,000 days which has improved my mental strength in running  and my mental health in general. What’s not to like about that. I had experienced no more major injuries although my old ruptured Achilles would still flare up occasionally.


There is no second reason. I had achieved my why and  felt my Runstreak was starting to get in the way of other adventures and activities I want to pursue. Bear with me here please as I explain and here`s some stats and facts in the meantime (us runners all love a few stats). In the last 1,001 days I have ran 6,216 miles, which averages out at 6.21 miles or 10K per day increasing my mileage year on year. Biggest monthly mileage is 226, averaging 185/190. Minimum daily run 5K/3.1 miles, every day. I have expended just over 500,000 calories during my Runstreak, hence the weight lossand my increased knowledge of all things cake related ! Every run has been outside, not once inside on a dreadmill and I firmly believe this is why I have not had anything more than an occasional sniffle and yes I did run through the Beast from the East.


I love running outside now and have discovered a love of the trails and hills. Since starting my Runstreak I have completed 5 marathons and my first 4 Ultras, including qualifying and running Boston earlier this week (see separate Blog).  


I have also qualified GFA for Chicago in October (World major number 5, whoop whoop) and I am also running The LairigGhru Marathon and Speyside Way Ultra this year. I will run several half marathons with my daughter Samantha as her guiderunner, a 10K with my other daughter Charlotte and numerous Parkruns with them both.  


Having just reread that why the hell did I stop! 


Well with anything worth achieving there has to be sacrifices and hard work to say nothing of constant commitment. Whether you are undertaking a Couch to 5K programme, training for a Sub 3 hour marathon or even a 100 Mile Ultra I salute you all. In my case this has included lots of kit washing , lots of it and a very understanding and supportive wife and family. Early starts and late finishes especially when coinciding with family events and business travel. I ran at 4:30 am last Saturday before flying to Boston. Like most runners I am an expert weather watcher but living in North East Scotland I regularly leave the house or my office in the cold and rain, rain and cold. Just as well skin is waterproof and remember no colds or flu in the past three years.   


In closing I would say  that one of the best things about my Runstreak has been the interest and support from other runners and sharing my achievements and encouraging others as they have me. I have met and made so many new friends in person and on Social media and I thank you all especially everyone at Aberdeen Parkrun who have been so supportive. 


It doesn’t matter if you run for 10 days, a 100 days or even a 1,000 days. Give it a try and you never know what might happen. Do it privately or make it public. Start on a Birthday or a day with meaning to you. I need to give a mention here to Mike Wells and Paul “ Lord” Smythe, legends in the Runstreaking and Parkrun community. Thanks for the inspiration and continued support gents, I don`t know how you keep going but long may your Streak Run.  

Well it`s goodnight from me, come and say hello to me and Samantha if you see us at the Aberdeen Baker Hughes 10K on Sunday 5th May, our next adventure.



Twitter: 5ilver5tripes

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