Q & A with a Running Dad #5

May 1, 2019




Moving on in our Q & A with a Running Dad series, and we have Chris Warnat, sharing his experiences with us. 


Read on!






1. Tell me a about yourself…

Born in New Haven, CT, raised in Foxboro, MA in the shadows of the New England Patriots stadium & it’s many iterations. Lifelong athlete (American football, basketball, golf, tennis, etc), proud dad of 2 boys (Wynn & Cash), husband to Lauren, older brother to an executive chef & fairly recent runner who certainly has caught the running bug. I’m 42, enjoy an ice cold beer post-run (or on most sunny days), love to mow my own lawn, coach high school football & live at the beach in beautiful St. Simons Island, Georgia.


2. Why do you run?

Fitness mainly but it allows me to scratch my competitive itch now and again. I love doing something that inspires people & I hope that my sons see their dad as a positive example of how to live a healthy life. Get’s me out of the house, too!


3. What are your PB’s?

Finishing Boston this year (first marathon) was a true bucket-list item despite the struggles. Hour and a half half-marathons, 42 min 10k’s and a few fast 5k’s are always fun.


4. What are you aiming for?

Breaking 3:30 in a marathon and then breaking 3…qualifying for Boston outright.


5. What is your most important running achievement?

Finishing Boston to this point.


6. Which race has been your favourite and why?

Boston, but the next one is always my favorite.


7. What race do you regret and why?

None. I’ve learned something at every race and I continue to meet amazing people along the way, no matter the race outcome.


8. What race would you like to run and why?

Chicago, NYC, London, Rome, Berlin…any of the great city marathons worldwide.


9. Tell me about how you prepare for a race on the morning of the event.

Coffee straight away…get the juices flowing! Peanut butter/banana muffin, water, some fruit, more water & some yoga.


10. Tell me about how you relax post-race.

Good beer, family/friends, hot shower & a good meal…preferably something I haven’t allowed myself to have while training.


11. What three pieces of advice would you give to fellow runners? (New and seasoned)

Invest in a great pair of shoes & be fitted by someone local with experience running…the days you least feel like running will undoubtedly be your best runs so just go…write down your goals (they’re just wishes until you write them down).


12. What is your preferred running route? Path, trail, fell etc?

I love trails but there are very few options where I live now. I’m on an island so I’ll run the beach once a week & I do love road-running through the busy sections of town. The energy is palpable and it’s good to see other people.


13. What is your favourite running brand and why?

Shoes would be New Balance but I’ve been loving my Reebok Floatride Energies that I picked up a few weeks ago. Very sporty! Adidas clothing is probably my go-to.


14. Who is your all-time sporting hero?

My dad will always be my hero but I was a big Michael Jordan fan as a boy.


15. Who is your all-time running hero?

Being from the Boston area, I admire Johnny Kelly…I’ve read most anything I can find on Steve Prefontaine as well.


16. Being part of the Running Dads community, what has this done to inspire and motivate you? My dad has had such an impact on my life and so many other coaches/teachers and parents have done the same. Running allows me to set an example for my kids and to teach them valuable life skills like discipline, self-sacrifice, healthy eating, will, grit & humility. Running Dads has given me a sense of community in an otherwise solitary pursuit & I am proud to be associated with these men.


You can follow Chris' journey via Twitter @CoachesRunning

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