My Chicago Marathon 11

Last weekend was Mother's Day. I shared a post to celebrate my wife, the mother of our children, but it didn't do her justice. She's more amazing than this post reveals.


Since January, I've been using this platform to share my journey leading up to #MyChicagoMarathon (October 2019). This post is my thanks to my wife, Amy, for her contributions along this journey.

Recently, Amy was out-of-town for five days on a work related trip. Ugh. I was a single parent for four nights. Hardest. Job. Ever.

Parenting requires sacrifice, but that sacrifice doesn't begin to compare with the amount needed when you're a single parent. Parenting requires organisation, the organisation that you need is on a whole different level when you're doing it solo. Parenting is exhausting; you don't even have time to be exhausted as a single parent.

Salute to all of the single parents

A minor sacrifice that I had to make with Amy gone was altering my running routine. I couldn't just go, whenever it was convenient for me. As a result, the time that I spent running was reduced.

Amy, for close to a decade, you've allowed me to run. Thank you. It's an activity that became a routine and has turned into a passion for me. It has required commitment from me, which also, at times, is accompanied with a sense of guilt when I go on my longer runs. As a result, it has required sacrifice from you (Amy).


  • Thank you for allowing me the physical benefits that running provides me 

  • Thank you for allowing me the mental benefits (which are even greater than the physical benefits) that running provides me

  • Thank you for allowing me to pursue my personal goals



I just finished an eight-week training plan to get ready for my 20-week marathon training plan. This will be the most extensive training that I've ever done as I prepare to run my first ever marathon. I couldn't do this without you. When I cross the finish line in October, it will be our shared accomplishment.



You've never gotten in the way of my pursuit for my personal goals, Amy. Instead, you've been nothing but supportive along the way. And I can't thank you enough for that. You're an amazing person; you are the best, and I love you.


This October, I am running the Chicago Marathon. Leading up to the race, I'm using this space (my blog, this is post number eleven!) to document my journey.


Until next time, I'll close with a shameless plug to my fundraising page (linked); I encourage you to visit, and (if you are able/willing) donate. I hope that you'll follow me on this journey, and I hope you enjoy my story.


Twitter: @EricEwald_Iowa


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