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I decided to sign off social media & blogging in February & it is only now that I feel it's time to get back into it. Having these 3 months away from Twitter, Facebook & Instagram was invigorating. In the last week setting them back up on my phone, I have sat for 15-30 minutes a time scrolling.




With that in mind I want to use them for purpose. Keeping in touch with friends, updating this blog, finding stories to read of expeditions, runners and food! And to connect with people who have been through an injury.


The doctor saw me early April, even though he gave me a choice of let the navicular naturally heal or operate, the 2nd time he saw newly updated X-Rays, he said let's do the surgery. So on May 7, I had a bone graft from my heel and two 28mmx3mm screws placed in the bone.


I am two weeks into six of non weight bearing. The pain has been relatively calm, the worst being when i've knocked it a couple times, but the next stage is to have the stitches out and be placed in plaster for a month.


I decided to get a little more mobile and bought a knee scooter! Amazing how I can now get around the house and locally far more easier, whilst crutches help keep you active, they are cumbersome and only for really short distances.

To talk about your mindset when you have this time off is tricky.


Having two children poses both positive vibes and challenges! Their incredible energy is amazing to be around, yet I can't do the things I want to do with them. I think William gets it, at 5 he's been helpful around the house, gets me a pillow and now is collecting the scooter for the bottom of the stairs! I just find it really hard to sit and rest. Keeping my mind active I have read 2 books so far and I challenge myself to read one a week. I am still in work mode, organising fixtures and helping school where I can.


I have been going a little crazy buying and selling. Thinking that I need to justify buying anything new, plus I have got rid of 4 pairs of trainers, I have looked into underpronation, which causes stress fractures so I read. So a cushioned, neutral shoe is on the shopping list. I am not sure whether I have the passion to be a cyclist, so let's get the rehab right and see what happens.


So the plan is to blog again in June when I am fingers crossed back to work. The plaster should come off mid June and I will hopefully be back in a boot, light weight bearing, which will get me to work. The car change from manual to auto will help with this, but I miss the V40!!




Twitter: @harrison2henry




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