Plaster Off - New Beginnings

Out of plaster is a fantastic feeling and one that highlights another point in my journey.


That feeling when you need to release an air sac in your joint and hear a click, creating instant pain relief! Well it happened a week after having the plaster off, my ankle clicked and it felt amazing! Like a release of movement and with very light weight bearing, I have a lot more rotation/freedom in the joint. Still not on a par with my right, and my left feels heavier somewhat, the swelling is still coming out.


The day the plaster came off I wasn't really prepared for two things. Whilst waiting for the X Ray I rubbed my calf and hair just started to fall out. I left a nice bundle of ginger fluff on the waiting room floor! Then showering that evening, I feel like I have a new layer of skin on the sole of my feet. It has taken a week of moisturising for my foot to go back to normal. The bio oil is doing the trick on my scars, but where they are it's quite a stretch point, especially in the heel when I raise my foot I can feel it pull. I wonder if I will always be left with this as a reminder.



I went back to work the day after the plaster was removed. All of my time off I was desperate to go back, the feeling of working a full day, coming home to family and enjoying that hour you might have for yourself. However I am still learning to integrate at work again, with self confidence, self belief in my role at school or just being rusty. I'm obviously not PE teaching but cover supervising, it feels great to be contributing again but only half of me feels equipped to fully immerse myself.


I chose to go back to crutches over a the knee scooter, as I would park it somewhere then walk. SO I found myself walking around the classroom far more than I should be. At least with crutches, I have a constant reminder not to walk, and to lightly glide my foot on the floor with them.


This is now 7 weeks into post operation and I have a physio appointment Thursday. I am hopeful he will say, back in trainers and light walking with no assistance. But I still can't wear a trainer as the swelling is too great. Physio should be happy for me to start theraband exercises and some timeline to when I can get in the pool and swim! However I don't see this happening for another month.


So until I blog again, I have kept up my reading 'slowly' and now the commute has started again I wanted to recommend podcast I listen to... 


The Rich Roll Podcast

Talent Equation

The Magic Academy

Hockey Development Chat


Heavily weighted towards the coaching world but they really question my teaching and coaching, giving me creative ideas for the future. Rich Roll has been an incredible influence on both my diet and exercise. His book called Ultra, is incredible to think he achieved 5 Ironmans on Hawaiian Islands over 7 days.


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