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Hello to you all, I do hope that you are starting to enjoy the summer months……How busy are you all with work and social activities??


One thing is for sure, let’s embrace the longer hours of sunlight and try to do a little more exercise especially with our children…………


I have been very busy over the last month, but in a very valuable way with is very enjoyable. I organised a Coastal Path Relay Run / walk from Mevagissey in Cornwall along the SWCP to Studland beach in Dorset.


We advertised the 40 legs over social media. We intended to have an “Alzheimer’s Baton” carried along the Coastal path within 1 week. Truthfully we have a few legs slightly missed timed & go a little wrong but on the hole we managed it.






The SWCP in Cornwall is very tricky to run as some of you will know, it has some very steep inclines & declines and it can be quiet technical in places. All this doesn’t matter when you have this opportunity, the views are amazing, the fact that you are out in the Countryside in the fresh air. It’s a great challenge, I had some amazing people who I did not know join in. The spirit of a group of runners of mixed abilities all with the same goal was a pleasure to be a part of. Engaging with the public as we run through Charlestown and Carlyon bay and into Polkerris was fantastic. We started on a very hot day, even with the correct preparation & good source of supplies I have never been so hot & physically tired after 13 miles. We did have 500 Metres of Elevation, it just shows that you have to respect some runs, especially the Coastal path – Never take it lightly.


I would encourage you all to run some of the SWCP, its fantastic, admittedly I have only completed the path from Gorran Haven in Cornwall to Studland in Dorset over the years, its hard work and testing but seriously enjoyable.


The last day for our charity event was along the Dorset path from Lulworth cove to Studland…….4 ladies from Verwood Runners who we met via social media completed the first 6 miles in very windy conditions. A sunny day but extremely windy. Many thanks to them for their participation. 2 of our Motcombe Runners then carried on from Kimmeridge Bay, hard work over this part of the SWCP. Dorset seems to have longer more continuous inclines, whereas the Cornish path seems to be more short & sharp.


Again we prepared well and had a good source of supplies & nutrition for our run. Learning from the week before, we can all reflect on the past to help us prepare for what’s ahead. Once the 2 runners met us at the wonderful spot of “Dancing ledge” the last 4 of us were off….


Again the encouragement from the walkers on the path & the public when we entered Swanage was amazing. A lot were asking questions and when we really engaged with them some of them seemed inspired!! – I really hope that they start to take an interest in running.


We had such a great time on this leg, the weather was great, the views were amazing, and we helped each other. 1 of our team had never run on the coastal path, although he completed his 1st London Marathon this year, he admitted these 13 miles were harder. We rounded “Old Harry Rocks” and followed the path, we actually made a small error which lead us to the beach a little too early.


This meant a run on sand and then a wade through the sea, thigh deep!! It was lovely and cool and with only 3 miles to go was a great way to naturally cool down. The last 3 miles across the golden sand of Studland Beach was hard work, how many of you have run on sand?? – Try it it’s a great training session.


The end was very emotional for me as this disease has hit my family with it effecting my father, he has had Dementia for over 4 years. As some of you will know, it’s not great seeing a loved one with any illness, but this one certainly hits you hard.


So my quest continues – please see the Facebook page “Adventue4Denentia” as I am still raising money.


With the help and support from Running Dads & the magnificent online coaching team @AWRunFitness (AW Running Fitness) I am again completing the Great North Run. The training program that the team have set up for me is very motivating. We all think we can plan our training, but this one I have been given really fits into my lifestyle. Thank you Ash.


My Son is enjoying his Mountain biking and we regularly take to the “Ox Drove” road between Shaftesbury & Salisbury. Its great training for me running along there with him encouraging me to go faster to keep up with him. He even got me up there at 0615 one morning before school, now that’s how much he likes it.


My son will again be completing in the Junior GNR so we train together, this quality time together will never be forgotten. We need to make the most of it…….


As we get older the effort and commitment can sometime slip, but taking on new training plans and cross training can be a real benefit. I am still swimming and practicing yoga regularly, this has been a real plus for me. Plus I have continued to work on core strength at a local Functional Fitness club. Take a chance and see what New is for you that could work. If it means I can carry on enjoying my running & fitness especially with my children then I will have a go………


Take Care all enjoy your sporting activities and cherish the time with the family…….


Twitter: @vaughan118




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